A jack of all trades is a master of none,
but oftentimes better than a master of one.
Through decades of education and experience, I have dived into various realms. While some have only been scratched on the surface, some have been mapped out quite extensively.
It was indeed a difficult journey, but I have always come out ahead with new sets of knowledge. I have no intention of stopping, in fact, my wish is to traverse beyond the nine known realms.
Realm of Architecture,
more than just design.
I have spent a good three years pursuing a diploma in architecture. During my study, I learnt that design is not the only aspect, Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing, documenting and constructing.
In the field of documenting, it constitute of producing both 2D and 3D drawings, specification, construction documentation and authority submission.
Out of all processes and aspect, I specialist in producing 3D Models.
Singapore American School
20 Maxwell Road
ITE College East
function print(string){
  let message = ""
  for(let i of string){
   message += i
  return message
alert(print('if it works, it works.'))
Self-proclaimed Full-Stack Developer,
most probably just spaghetti...
I entered the realm of programming at the age of 10, when I came across blogspot. I got no idea what I was doing, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Ever since then, I have been churning out codes once in awhile.
After years of hammering on my keyboard, I picked up enough skills to develop both front and back end web application.
Thanks to my professor google, stack overflow, youtube. I am capable of creating this website you are looking at right now.
No, not buildings
verb : construct (something) by putting parts or material together.
I do technically help built buildings as aforementioned, but I'm talking about hobby - like a building computer.
With the invention of affordable 3D Printer, I get to design and print stuff that I need (mostly want). Below are some of my not-useless creation, you can download the stl file for free.
Nothing original,
interesting nonetheless.
Recreating mini games I played when playing games.
I have an obsession with puzzle games, from solving rubik's cube to mastering tetris. But some games don't really exists on the internet.
Give them a try below.
Finance!? is it edible?
Oops! I have no interest in this field.
Somehow, my brain power down when it comes to dollar and cents. However, I do put in enough effort to ensure I can put food on the table.